Whether you have painting or minor repair needs, Jost Painting is dedicated to getting the job done right. Jost Painting offers a full line of painting services – complete with quality, value and expertise you can trust. We use only the finest products to complete our projects and offer you the best all-around service.

Whatever your project, we strive to be courteous and timely. It’s this unique dedication to customer satisfaction that sets us apart from other painting contractors.

Green? You betcha.

At Jost Painting, we work closely with our paint suppliers in taking responsibility for reducing
our impact on the environment. We respect the customs, cultures, and social needs in all the
communities we work in.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals usually found in paint that toxify your indoor
air quality. We Use NO VOC & Low VOC Latex Paints. We decrease waste by accurate
estimation and recycle project waste materials diligently.

We are always trying new processes and new products to see if they help the environment without taking away from the quality. We consider the environmental impact of our actions by using eco-friendly products that are also durable, which have been vigorously tested to last the test of time.

Safety is Our #1 Priority

At Jost Painting, safety is not just a word the sales department uses to
close a job. Safety is a belief and process that is evaluated every day,
on each job, to prevent injuries or death to our valued workforce. It’s
instilled in the minds of our workers because we don’t have to think
about it, it’s just what we do every day. Jost Painting uses a
systematic approach to each project to make sure every precaution is
taken to eliminate hazards and reduce the chance of injury. It’s a
good feeling when, we receive our employee’s bi-annual reviews and
they consistently thank Jost Painting for caring about their wellbeing on
the job.

Safety and Technical training is the lifeblood of Jost Painting. We have
created a top notch safety and technical training program
that transforms inexperienced workers to skilled craftsmen. This begins
with new employees gaining both classroom and hands on training
while being closely supervised. They are taught safety, quality
control, equipment repair and customer service.

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